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Hi! I'm Nicole LaBry, co-owner of The Cloth Pocket. One day my mama & I were driving around, casually looking at retail spaces in North Austin. We found a teeny golden nugget of a location in the heart of the LoBurn district, made a phone call & hit the ground running! Two weeks later we were at a wholesale fabric market, wild-eyed & trying to figure out what we'd need to populate an entire shop full of goodies. We officially opened our doors in January of 2014, moved to 5501 North Lamar Blvd., and quadrupled in size by October of 2016, adding a 1000 square foot class space for hosting classes and workshops for quilting, apparel, and even some home projects.

Perfectly stocked for classes, our fabric showroom, which is just as expansive as our studio, is just a step through a doorway from our studio. We aim to supply an ever-refreshed, carefully curated stock of textiles for use in quilting, crafting, & apparel. Coming from graphic design, I take a very keen interest in the aesthetics of all you see in the store. My taste inclines toward the more modern styles, so if that's what you're looking for, you've come to the right place! Knowing that a lot of you delightful shoppers are quilters, I also try to keep in mind what sorts of prints you need to complete your project in the most unique way possible! (We heart you, Modern Quilt Guild- please ask about how your guild can receive sponsorship)!

Come on by and see me, Nicole, if you can catch me! Otherwise any of our prolific shop-keeps, Nikki, Pixie, Charity, Juliet, and James are always around to cut you off some fabulousness and ensure a superb shopping experience!

Stay tuned to the website, we have instructor bios coming soon... To peruse our selection of classes, check out our calendar. We keep it full of new and exciting projects, with anything from quick and simple to full length for optimal skill development. We even have kid's sewing camps coming up for the summer of 2017. Get the kids out of the house and behind a machine, you won't regret it!

Please email us about designer purchasing for larger orders. If we can assist in any way, we'd be glad to!

If you are an industry professional with a tax ID, please inquire about tax-free options & discounts.

Check out DATA (Directory of Austin Textile Associates), a group of local, back-end textile professionals that I moderate! 

We are dedicated to a superb shopping experience. Ask us & we'll gladly make you a cozy lil cup of hot tea or coffee. And browse away while your little one explores the tiny toy section! We can't wait to see your face! 

Nicole LaBry


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