Road to California & Back
The Cloth Pocket Welcomes Sherri Lynn Wood

Sherri Lynn Wood

Hi HI Hi!

The eagle has landed and returned from Road to California with a whole slew of new friends and fabric!
We follow (okay, perhaps the term is "stalk lovingly") and ADORE so many talented quilters and makers on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, but many of you live not-so-close to our lil shop in Austin, so when we hit the road, we finally get to find and high-five your creative palms in person and it totally made our palms itch in all the happy ways. Does that sound weird?

Melody Miller is a design goddess and lives in a palace with a bunch of other ladies who have super powers, too.

 Anyway, itchy palms and awkward statements aside... Nicole visited Cotton+Steel while traveling and picked up SO many new fabrics along the way, including the entire Sarah Watts Cat Lady collection! Because that's what cat ladies do! They take in ALLTHECATS! Since everyone at the shop is part-animal, critter fabric makes us feel oh-so warm and fuzzy. (We have a lot of feels.) In fact, Kim Kight, Rashida Coleman-Hale, Melody Miller and Alexia Marcelle Abegg all released new critters and some fruity lovelies to tickle my fancy.

Allll new from Cotton+Steel

Along with Cotton+Steel, Alexander Henry's Folklorico is in and just looking at it makes me feel like I'm in some kind of Latin American day dream starring the three amigos and thrown into some kinda art deco Disney masterpiece from back in the day. Designs like this make this whole fabric business thing so thrilling and inspiring.

Folklorico by Alexander Henry

  Folklorico Ranchera from Alexander Henry  Folklorico Ranchera in blue from Alexander Henry  Ranchera from Alexander Henry's Folklorico 

Speaking of inspiration, HOLY CRAP! We've got SHERRI LYNN WOOD coming!!!

Sherri Lynn Wood

Sherri Lynn Wood

So, I have a confession. I'm no quilter. I've attempted a Korean Pojagi quilt for my bathroom window and walked away about 75% of the way through. It actually wasn't all that difficult, as Pojagi tends to be more free form; the issue I ran into was one that anyone who has never quilted before runs into, lack of forethought and pretty much any semblance of a plan. Whoopsy! So, my prayers of some kind of quilting angel to come along and light my way have now been answered... Sherri Lynn Wood, who is an incredibly prolific muse of a quilting machine, is coming to share some secrets and give us a ruler-free patchwork performance and you bet your cute pattoot I'll be there taking notes!

Sherri Lynn Wood
She's so legit

We'll be selling her books and she'll be there signin em while answering all of your quilting queries!

For a little preview of just how cool she is, check out this "Mod Mood Quilt Along" tutorial!
She chooses quilt colors by decoding mood rings... UMMMM COOL.

Sherri Lynn Wood Mood Quilt
I'm totally feeling yellow right now

The book looks gorgeous and I hope there will be enough copies that I can get one for myself. If not, there may be some arm wrestling happening. (Geez, maybe I should hit the gym! Wait, I don't even go to the gym! What the heck am I even TALKING ABOUT!?)
Ummmm.... Yea!
So come learn stuff with me!
Maybe we can make our first quilt together and high five over it and post a zillion pictures.

(notice, still yellow)


Laurel Coyle


Laurel Coyle


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