Did you ever have those contests in school where, if you read all your summer books on the reading list, you get a pizza party? Those were the jam! I read every book they assigned.  My literacy is brought to you by deep dish pizza. 
Where am I going with this? I got stuck thinking about delicious pizza....

The Michael Miller Glitz Fabric Challenge for Quiltcon West 2016 is quickly approaching (November 30th)! We've got allllll the fabrics available in the store and online, so get it while it's glitzy! Some of it's pictured above by the aliens and it is my favorite because it reminds me of lightning bugs...

Next, I'd like to tell you about my favorite holiday. It's a holiday like no other, where you get to dress as WHATEVER the heck you want, and people give you stuff.
I put a lot of extra 'N's on there because I can't control myself...
SO! We've decided to do a costume contest!

TO ENTER: Snap a photo of your lovely self, all dressed up and ready for treat. Next: post it by midnight, November 1st and tag The Cloth Pocket and hashtag it with #clothpocketcostumecontest on Instagram or Facebook. If you don't have Instagram or Facebook, email me your phots at laurel@theclothpocket.com.

PRIZES: A $25 gift certificate to The Cloth Pocket AND a Halloween head chock full of treats from The Cloth Pocket (there may even be some tricks in there) AND we'll give you some shout outs on our blog and across our social media... WOOT!


Laurel Coyle


Laurel Coyle

Would a costume for my son be eligible, or does it have to be something for myself?

Loved meeting you guys at the Mancuso show in PA last month!

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