Diamond projects are a girl's best friend!

Did you guys know we're almost finished signing up folks for our first-ever charity baby-quilt drive? It's true! Only 3 more days! (See more about how to enter at the bottom of this post).

Just today one of our favorite customers, miss Zohreh Daly tagged us in a picture of her incredible submission & we are so thrilled to be able to show this off!

Dazzling, right??

Additionally, we are really inspired by all the crazy glorious gemstones that seem to be trending in all things quilty! Like this fabulous Lizzy House fabric we are almost out of:

(Which you can totes go buy online right HERE in one of two colors)! Hey, if it's so loved maybe we should reorder? Let us know!

And have you seen this pillow that our adorable new staff addition Laurel pinned? I mean, check it:

Someone please make these! We love them so! No, really... I feel like my couch is just lacking without this flashy accessory!

Sigh. In the immortal words of madam Dolly Parton:


If you're feeling quilty & inspired, please enter our charity drive! Sorry, only available to our local customers. Don't worry, though! We'll figure out a way to get some other online event going super quick-like! 


The Cloth Pocket


Quilt Drive Info: 
1. Sign up by 5/31 in-store to enter. 
2. Take 40% off regularly-priced fabric for the project. (Quilt size 36 x 36).
3. Bring back your finished baby quilt (design of your choice!) by 6/15
4. Raffle winner announced 6/30 
All quilts will be donated to the #austinchildrensshelter

Nicole Labry

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