Double Gauze for beginners!

What in the heck is this stuff, you ask? It's everywhere! What do I do with it? Doesn't gauze just fall apart? How is this different?

Well, babes. Allow me to give you a quick lil rundown & hopefully get those questions answered!

To start off, double gauze is exactly what it sounds like.  A double layer of gauze material, one on the inside, generally devoid of color/ print, and another on the outer layer displaying the fabric's design. These layers are tacked together every centimeter or so with eensy weensy little stitches to create a stable, double-strength fabric that is lightweight, super soft & versatile!

I would suggest using this fabric for a bathing suit cover-up, a fancy kimono to wear around the house as a robe, a pair of slouch-pants, or anything to do with baby attire. So soft & airy!

All of the double gauze that we carry is 100% cotton & we're sure you will love it! Check out our new double gauze section of the site HERE!


The Cloth Pocket

Nicole Labry


Nicole Labry

Cute pants! What pattern is this?

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