Cuteness Alert // Nani Iro Window Dress

Hi, hello, fellow Nani Iro lovers. Remember when we had got Freedom Garden and it was gone in like, a week?

Your sweet caresses, each rendezvous. Your voice so soft and low... I miss you so.

We weren't sure if something so lovely would ever come along again. But alas, Water Window is discovered and upon arriving in the shop we're elated to see how the beautiful colors seem to melt into the large but mellow print. It's just... so... pretty... the colors... UNF THE COLORS. And it's so, so soft. I kind of just want to unroll the entire bolt and curl up in it like a blanket.


Logic kicks back in and I realize I probably can't just buy the entire bolt and sleep in it. So I go on a little search to see what others have made. Would it make a good skirt, a pillow, pants? And then I found this AWESOME dress posted on a blog we love called Ada Spragg

The creator, Sophie, says she used the Monique pattern by Republique Du Chiffon which was slightly challenging because of it being written in French. We think she did a fantastic job and this fabric and pattern match is one that is straight from dreamy, watercolor-y, super comfortable looking dress heaven. You can read more about how she made the dress here!

Ada Spragg is run by Sophie, Australian seamstress "with two little lads, three chickens, and a sewing machine." It's clear from her blog, named after her great "nanna", that Sophie has a passion for creating her own clothing and sharing her sewing adventures with the world. She has posts on a ton of different projects... from dresses, silk pants, and skirts to leggings and even some items for the little ones.

Morgan at The Cloth Pocket experimenting with using it as a blanket.

Sunnie Lee


Sunnie Lee

Would love more information of your products and website also prices.

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