Quilter Spotlight // Lindsay Stead

Recently perusing Instagram, we came across a quilt posted by DesignSponge that we found so inspiring, unique, and straightforward that we had to delve deeper and learn more about the maker. The creator of this understated beauty is Lindsay Stead, a Toronto, Canada quiltmaker.

On her website, she describes her vision and her work as follows-

"As a quiltmaker, I strive to make my own mark on this long tradition and have spent several years refining my skills and defining my unique aesthetic. By altering traditional patterns through scale, asymmetry, negative space and the use of solid colours, I create quilts that are contemporary while still deeply rooted in tradition.

All of my quilts are one of a kind and made from start to finish by me at my studio in Toronto, Canada. In this era of making objects as quickly as possible, I take great pride in using traditional techniques to make my quilts. Each quilt is entirely hand quilted, which although being a very time consuming process, creates a very personal connection for me to my work. The tiny, slightly imperfect stitches also add softness to my bold, graphic designs."

Lindsay's work has been featured in various exhibitions in Canada, Japan, LA, Houston, and even here in Austin at the 2013 Quilt Con, where she won first place for minimalist design and second place for hand work, as well as a judges choice award. You go girl! You can also find quilts (and pillows) on sale on her website. 

So happy to have discovered and had the pleasure to browse through Lindsay's work and admire her distinctive style. You can follow her on Instagram at @lindsay_stead, or here on Facebook.

Sunnie Lee

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