Recent Customer Creations

We LOVE it when our customers show us what they're making with our fabrics. It's so magical to see what happens when it's taken off the bolt, and then cut and sewn into something functional and cute.

Dennis Zinck and Catherine Pagganuci made this awesome little bag with our Art Gallery Arizona - Arid Horizon and Moda Mochi Dot in Chartreuse. Perfect example of how to use a larger print without a huge pattern.

Zohreh Daley made this amazing quilt with a combination of ours and Stitch Lab fabrics... quilted by Jessica Darling, Pattern by Boo Davis of Quiltsrÿche.

Tammy Whitehead made these awesome bags with our Alexander Henry Gotes De Amor fabric.

Becky Waring reupholstered these beautiful chairs in one of our Koi canvases.

Every wondered what to use a cotton laminate for? Claire Montgomery nailed it with this tablecloth!

Don't forget to bring in your project or post an image of it on our Facebook for 10% off your next purchase!


Sunnie Lee

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